Where tradition meets innovation,where nature and
passion converge to create spirits that are truly exceptional.

Hillary and David Donaldson, Dunoon Distillery



We are a family run farm in the Scottish Highlands. Our Farmland Distillery will produce rare & beautiful tastes using ethical methods.

This unique opportunity to invest in the Dunoon Distillery is at an advanced stage due to personal investment in time, effort, and capital.

  • Full planning permission.
  • Professional Design & Construction Team.
  • HMRC approval to produce & store alcohol.
  • Brand Creation & Design
  • Distillery Buildings are in place.
  • Website Design & Launch

The products, the process and a clear sales path to market is our strategic advantage.

Renewable energy, sustainable production and environmental management deliver tangible benefits for our valued shareholders and authentic experience for our customers.

We are ready to go!

Grounded cash flow projections with prudent profit & loss forecasts substantiate our robust business model, assuring all stakeholders of the project’s viability and long-term profitability.

The farm mitigates exposure to external factors such as energy costs, water supply, and material expenses. Nothing is wasted.

Follow us on our journey as we shape the farm and distillery’s future.

Glass of whisky, Dunoon Distillery



At Dunoon Distillery, we approach the art of spirit-making as a design experience: blending intuition, precision, and taste to create truly exceptional products. Our process is not just about the ingredients; it’s about capturing a feeling, an experience, and infusing it into our spirits.

Our commitment: from selecting the finest ingredients to employing both traditional & innovative techniques will bring you excellence in every sip.

At Dunoon Distillery, we prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility. We harness the power of our natural resources to create spirits that align our values with today’s conscientious and responsible consumers.

Join us on a journey where tradition meets innovation, where nature and passion converge to create spirits that are truly exceptional.

Dunoon Distillery invites you to the art of spirit-making.

Barrels of whisky, Dunoon Distillery



Owning one or thousands of casks of whisky or spirits that you would like to store in a secure & accessible place with friendly and professional staff then call us. We have storage space available within our HMRC approved Excise Warehouses. Available to private cask owners, distillers, blenders or others involved in the Whisky Industry.

We offer 3 options for Cask Storage: dunnage, palletised and a specialised racking system. Palletised is the most popular: safe, efficient & cost effective method of maturation. Packages ranging from 12 months to >10 years. Our warehouses comply with industry regulations, meet HMRC criteria and have 24hr alarms & video surveillance.

Cask management services:


Cask re-gauge for volumetric confirmation (RLA)


To verify contents (ABV)


Transferring the spirit to a different cask or vessel


Arranged if required


Coming soon!


Together with our Storage & Cask Management Facilities we offer expertise in sourcing casks for maturation. 

We offer access to world renowned Master Distiller & Blender to advise and design the spirits journey. Careful management of the maturation process nurtures a premium scotch whisky capable of winning awards on the world stage, in an accelerated time frame.

In addition we have access to fantastic spirit from award winning sources ready to transfer to your cask.

Full width illustration of the SS Waverley passing by Dunoon, Dunoon Distillery



Welcome to our exciting new development, where we invite investors to be part of creating a Whisky distillery and visitor center.

A Vision of Sustainability and Growth

The Farm & Distillery unite to deliver a natural, “carbon zero” product, benefiting the local economy and investors alike.

The Opportunity

Investors can hold a substantial share of of the business, with the potential of tripling their initial investment.

A Winning Team and Strong Financial Plans

Our passionate and dedicated founding team ensures a great product with remarkable growth potential. Our plans are aligned with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, appealing to savvy investors.

A Rare Investment

Our distillery offers a unique opportunity, with protected designation of origin (PDO) status, predicted 10.3% CAGR growth in the premium spirits industry, and generous government tax incentives.

Proven Success and Financial Benefits

Scotch Whisky, a Global Brand PDO, was the best-performing asset in 2020. Historically, whisky casks show great returns per year and are tax-free.

Promising Milestones and Expansion

We have secured planning permission and licensing, and our distillery branding sets us apart. With your investment, we aim to create a multi-million-pound valued business in ten years.

Join Us on This Journey

Together we can create this new venture. Become part of the Distillery’s sustainable and prosperous future.

Hilary Donaldson, Dunoon Distillery